Eye​-​solated Breed (Demo)

by Avoidant

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released February 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Avoidant Lima, Peru

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Track Name: A Catalyst for Destruction
Onset of extermination, origin of this cataclysmic human vortex,
This universal hatred entity has became existence volatile,
prayers to a god created by human greed, the axioms of the weak,
no one word will change this impending ancient omen.

Condemned slave race, victims of centuries of somatical punishment,
they settle hate in the gathering flesh, the catalyst for destruction.

Modern mechanics of slavery, the chains are now represented in boundaries.
Deprivation of autonomy, seed of the vile corruption.

Structures as a fortress, build for the exile of the enthroned abominations.
Social structures, obsoletes now.
This are the incarnated demons of the new world order.

Condemned slave race, victims of centuries of somatical punishment,
they settle hate in the gathering flesh, The catalyst for destruction.
Track Name: Catatonic Force, The Disconnection Phase.
Unstable organicism brings destruction to the life.
Manifestation of a higher force within.

Unmoving, disconnected, struggling with the phase that will brings us
the loss of all understanding. And thats the way we all have
kill the world.

Looking for a way to witness the thoughts, but it is impossible,
this force now has begun and is superior.

Now eyes are obsolete, just contemplating.
Two dimensions, all proyections caged in a cell.


It closes a window for all. One without forgiveness,
there's no remorses.

All the wealth and all the depths in this world.
Now just leave them to the imagination.


Raise the sight, everything goes inside.
Nothing left to do, interaction discarded.

Spiraling into nothingness, paranoia is taking over me.

My mind runs aimlessly.
I just see myself under the disconnection phase. (fin del coro)

A thousand motionless bodies, thoughts that burn to be revealed.

Calm atmosphere, subjet to the realm of nature.

Bowed, delivered, defeated, we are. (x2)


Future generations spoiled, propagation of this disease.

This force is growing now, and it will own the entire universe.