Involution (EP)

by Avoidant

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We formed as a Death metal band and with this release our sound has drastically changed into a more progressive and modern style, combining genres that go from post-hardcore and deathcore, to shoegaze and progressive metal. This has been key to achieve our own sound, differentiating us of all the bands in our scene.

All the production of Involution has been done by us. The band made everything in terms of artwork, recording sessions, pre-production and promotion, in only two weeks.

This EP will be released by Deathbound Records (Canada) on April 23rd and will include our new single "The Betrayal", more info here:


released February 19, 2013

Produced by Avoidant.
Thanks to Miguel Centeno (Pulsar Studio)
Release by Deathbound Records (Canada)

Giancarlo Melgar - Vocals
Daniel R. Ibárcena - Lead Guitar
Giomar Carrasco Salazar - Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Y. Ibárcena - Drums/Vocals



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Avoidant Lima, Peru

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Track Name: Witness
In every shadow and ray of light, I'm there watching.
Underneath the flames and the human History,
It will rise a new legion of conquerors, moved by the power of justice and wisdom.

I've been here before the profecy
I'll be here until the end

I've been here before the human race, I'm a silent witness.

Prison is in the mind. It's locked in one world that's dead and dying or it's open to a world that's free and alive. (Charles Manson's voice)

The fallen heroes, those who found something to die for, in the sake of freedom.
God of war, the changin of times belongs to their hands. Gods of destruction.
I've been here before the human race.

For so long, waiting for actions in vain. For so long, waiting for silence to be heard.
Track Name: Enslaved
(The enemy it’s inside of us)
In every weapon, in every war, in every lie
Kings of nothing
Our Autonomy, Consumes the remains of tolerance
Hidden in the depths of our own mind.

They spoke our names, we gave them our fears
“They fight for us”, one question
What we are fighting for?
One question
What the fuck we are doing?

(Nobody questions anything)
Nobody questions anything

Enslaved Human Cattle
Searching for Chaos
Searching for Destruction
That’s the human condition
Enslaved human cattle
Track Name: Human
Human, Measured by the price
Of their own flesh
Controlled by beasts and machines.
How do we let this happen?
When will It end?
(Breathe from your Coma)
We have destroyed the bridge (Destroy)
Between wisdom and ethics (wisdom)
The human nature (nature)
A self-destructive philosophy
Neo-slave, Breath from your coma
Neo-slave, Open your eyes
Wake up! You motherfucker!
Wake up! Open your Eyes!
Before this end.
Track Name: Animals
Transfiguration of the mind and body
Your flesh will be the sacrificeto the wolves
Depravity, in the eyes of the conquers of humanity.
They are not fucking humans, they don’tbleed,
They only feed a bestial hunger of power

Animals. With a crown. Savageskings

We. We are onlynumbers
We. We are nothingtothem
We are the flesh for this sacrifice

Animals. Fighting in vain
Fighting for something that don’t belong to us

This world don’t belong to us.
Track Name: Archetype
This is the agony, This is my agony, Facing Reality. Someone behind the shadows of your god.

An endless cycle of suffering, dying to live. Day by day
Trasspasing beyond the limits of tolerance. The Earth: the cage of enslaved spirits.
Imperfection, is the irrefutable sign of this evil god.

(There's always someone behind the shadow of your god
Human hand creating imaginary idols. This is the annihilation of reason.)

This is the agony of becoming human, we are more closer to the model of the archetype.

Illumination, chaos, revolution.
Time to recover our territory, once again.
Time to destroy the archetype.